Ngwao Boswa Kapa Bokone falls under
The Northern Cape Department of Sports Art and Culture.

The Northern Cape Department of Sports Arts and Culture
To maximise access, development and excellence at all levels of participation in sport and recreation in order to improve social cohesion, nation building and the quality of life of all South Africans.

The meaning and implications of each of the constituent elements of the statement is given below:

Maximise Access

  1. Increase the number of participants in sport and recreation with the emphasis on the disadvantaged and marginalized groups, including women, children, the youth, the elderly, persons with a disability and people living in rural areas.
  2. Providing/facilitating appropriate resources to enable such levels of access and participation.


  1. Early identification and nurturing of talent on the entire spectrum of
  2. Participation from local to national level.
  3. Developing sport support personnel.
  4. Ensuring appropriate infrastructure and organisational structures to Support development.
  5. Exploring and utilizing development opportunities available in the local, continental and international arenas.


  1. Increase the levels of support to South African athletes and sports teams with a view to improving their success rate in high profile events and, in so doing, contributing to nation building and the marketing of our country globally.

At all levels of participation in sport and recreation

  1. From grass roots participation to elite levels of participation.

Improve social cohesion

  1. Use sport and recreation as a medium to enhance social interaction,
  2. Better understanding and cooperation between the different cultural groups of South Africa.
  3. Sport and recreation also has the ability to contribute to social inclusion and to combat anti-social behaviour.

Nation building

  1. Use sport and recreation as a medium to contribute to national unity;
  2. fostering a South African identity and promoting a common sense of belonging.
  3. In cooperation with relevant sector Departments, sport and recreation has the ability to assist in eradicating poverty; youth development; skills development; promoting sports tourism; intensifying the campaign against HIV & Aids and intensifying the struggle against crime as well as contributing to local and international peace and development initiatives.

Quality of life

  1. We are convinced of and committed to the fact that mental and Physical development through participation in sport and recreation improves the quality of life.
  2. Participants generally have a higher life quality than non-participants.

For all South Africans

  1. Although no one is excluded here, cognizance must be taken of the
  2. imbalances of the past and the greater needs of inclusion in historically disadvantaged groups and communities, particularly in rural areas.


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