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Ngwao Boswa Kapa Bokone is the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority of the Northern Cape Province. It is a statutory body established in terms of the National Heritage Resources Act and are responsible for the protection, conservation, management and interpretation of the heritage resources of the Northern Cape.

The name ‘Ngwao Boswa Kapa Bokone’ is Setswana for ‘Heritage Northern Cape’ and the organisation is commonly referred to as ‘Boswa’ (Heritage). It is also officially known by its names in the other three official languages of the province, English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.
Ngwao Boswa Kapa Bokone is also commonly known as “Boswa”

Boswa is under the governance of a council appointed by the MEC for Sport, Arts & Culture and is administered by the staff of the Heritage Resources Unit of the Department.

Amongst other things Boswa administers:
• World Heritage Sites
• Provincial Heritage Sites
• Heritage Areas
• Register Sites
• 60 year old structures
• Public monuments & memorials

Archaeology, including rock art, graves of victims of conflict and other graves not in formal cemeteries are administered by the national heritage authority, SAHRA (

Boswa is best known as the custodian of the approximately 130 provincial heritage sites in the province, but is also responsible for administration of other forms of protection of heritage established under the terms of the National Heritage.

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